For the love of butter!

One of the things we love the most about working with the media is hearing about how they’re using our products in their own kitchens and talking about our love of butter, overall. We thought we’d share a few of our recent favorites with you. Enjoy!

Celebrate butter during dairy month: Minerva Dairy

6/28/2016“Celebrating butter is something that many chefs find joy in every day. Butter is a staple in their kitchens as well as many home cooks. The creamy texture from churning and the simple food product that it is makes many dishes taste incredible. This author, also known as the Jackson Cooking Examiner, has recently been introduced to a new butter called, “Amish Butter Roll” from the Minerva Dairy.”

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Butter innovations churning retail sales


Food Business News“Butter is back as a growing number of consumers turn their backs to foods perceived as artificial, such as vegetable oil-based margarine. Fresh from the farm, and churned the same way for generations, butter’s comeback may be attributed to its simplicity and its deliciousness.”

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Butter making traditions span six generations at Minerva Dairy


Farm and Dairy“By age 18, they say they won’t come back to work at the family business. But in every generation, that’s exactly what members of the Minerva Dairy family do. Phil Mueller, 4th generation, says he started at the bottom at age 12. He made his first vat of cheese at age 14. At 28, he was handed the reins when his father passed away. “Each generation is the caretaker to the next generation. So far it’s worked,” Phil said.”

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4 reasons to commit to higher butterfat

While there may be plenty of butter at your grocery store, with a new variety seeming to arrive every week, we’re here to tell you: the first label you need to check out is the butterfat!


Your family recipes, culinary favorites and neighborhood potlucks deserve the best. Just like you, we value quality, which is why we won’t settle for anything less than 84% butterfat.

Why? There are 4 big reasons you should commit to butter with high butterfat content.

1. Flavor
Ideal for cooking and baking, there’s no denying it. Real butter enriches every dish it touches. Whether you’re spreading a slab of Amish Roll Butter across a slice of toast or including it in your recipe for the world’s best Chocolate Chip Cookies, taste matters! Doesn’t that “world’s best” recipe deserve it?

2. Texture 
By slow churning our butter in small batches, we can ensure that it gets delivered to you with a texture so creamy, you’ll be tempted to use it in every recipe. (Hey, we won’t blame you!) It’s smooth and thick because rather than rely on high-speed pumps that shear the fat and trap air, we use a careful, time-tested process. Our butter artisans do everything they can to create the Minerva Dairy 84% butterfat Amish Roll Butter you know and love.

3. Color 
When the cows eat fresh, pasture grass, their milk contains more beta-carotene, a powerful anti-oxidant. Beta-carotene is the same pigment that gives carrots and pumpkins their beautiful orange hues. Hence, the bright yellow color of our 84% butterfat Amish Roll Butter.

4. Health 
Choosing between 84% butterfat and commodity butter, flavor and texture may be most apparent, but the bonus health benefits shouldn’t take a backseat!

Butter is better from Minerva Dairy

By relying on dairy from pasture raised cows not treated with rBST or hormones, our butter is a great way to boost your diet with healthy fats and oils. In some cases, grass-fed cows can still live their lives in confined spaces. We prefer to pasture raise ours, ensuring Minerva Dairy cows are humanely treated and fed a GMO free grain ration in addition to forages that completely nourish them.

This means even healthier dairy! Essential fatty acids can increase your longevity, help to balance hormones, increase heart health, sharpen vision and promote healthy skin. Look at those bonuses! Let’s get cooking!

3 Foolproof Tips for a Perfect Dinner Party


Time and time again, it has proven to hold true: food brings people together! You can see it happen at family gatherings. It happens during Girls’ Night In. It happens at birthday parties and graduation celebrations.

Why not host a dinner party that brings together the people you love most under one roof? By following our three most important tips for hosting an incredible get-together, you can create an event your friends and family will be buzzing about all year (courtesy of Minerva Dairy)!

1. Give them something to talk about.
Remember when we said food brings people together? Well, throwing together a few handheld appetizers is the perfect way to make your guests comfortable, get them talking and ease them into the party before everyone has to sit down at the table.

Something like Mushroom Soup from Venae’s Kitchen served in shot-like glasses is small enough that everyone can mingle, mosey around the room and keep their appetites at bay before the entrèe.

2. Set the mood.
Don’t underestimate just how important it is to set the mood. As soon as guests walk into your home, they’re hoping to leave their cares outside for just a while. Help them to do so with a light and bright space and some carefree tunes. When choosing the perfect playlist, select tunes that are upbeat but not so energetic that they make everyone antsy.

Pro Tip: Take your playlist a step further and consider how you want the night to evolve. Think about gradually incorporating softer songs into the mix later into the night as guests begin to wind down and head home.

3. Go simple.
While hosting dinner for a group of people can seem daunting, it can actually be quite enjoyable! Don’t get wrapped up in the idea of the elusive “perfect dinner party.” Here’s a secret: It doesn’t exist! What makes a dinner party memorable is the company, conversation and laughter.

So, when choosing a menu, be sure to load it with recipes that you can prepare the night before or whip up quickly right before your party. This takes the pressure off of your mastery in the kitchen and lets you relax and chat the night away with your guests in between trips to the drink table to freshen up your cocktail!

Pro Tip: Dessert is one of the simplest parts of the meal to preprepare. Recipes like our Banana Split Pie are simple to make a day prior to your party and it’ll taste just as delicious when it gets plated!

Minerva Dairy Words from the Heart

Five generations deep into Minerva Dairy, it’s safe to say that this is a tight-knit family business. Not only have the details of our meticulous butter and cheese making process been passed down from artisan to artisan, but so too have the pieces of wisdom that can only be realized from decades in the business.

These bites of knowledge are not written in an all-inclusive butter and cheese handbook. Rather, they are ingrained in our memories in the best possible way, weaving their way into everything we do and becoming a part of the fabric of our day-to-day lives at the Dairy.

From us to you, here are a few pieces of wisdom that you can take to heart, whether you’re a butter and cheese artisan or not!

A cheerful heart is good medicine.
Everything done in business is worth being done with a smile and kind word. The first time this message was passed along to Venae, fifth generation family member, it was written on a sticky note and stuck to a picture of Jesus that was placed on the front drawer of her mother’s desk. Asking her why she kept the worn out picture and sticky note, Venae’s mother replied, “This is a reminder of how to live my life everyday. A kind word and a smile go a long way.”

Venae watched her mother negotiate with vendors, guide employees to do better and act as a fair, strong and kind mother figure. Now, on the days work feels like a challenge, Venae knows she can emulate the qualities she admired in her mother.

Fix the barn before you fix the house.
On a sunny spring day when Venae was in her early twenties, she and her mother took a walk, during which Venae expressed her hopes to make cosmetic improvements to the office, store and other areas of the business. After patiently listening to her aspirations, Venae’s mother looked at her and told her to fix the barn before she fixed the house.

Her reasoning was that the house can not survive without the barn, but the barn will survive without the house. Twenty years later, the office at Minerva Dairy still has the original wood paneling from when it was originally installed, but the equipment in the factory is innovative and the best equipment available in our industry. This ensures that we can keep the Minerva Dairy promise of quality and authenticity to our consumers.

At the end of the day, the cosmetic changes that could be done around the office come second to maintaining Minerva Dairy’s mission and values.