3 Foolproof Tips for a Perfect Dinner Party


Time and time again, it has proven to hold true: food brings people together! You can see it happen at family gatherings. It happens during Girls’ Night In. It happens at birthday parties and graduation celebrations.

Why not host a dinner party that brings together the people you love most under one roof? By following our three most important tips for hosting an incredible get-together, you can create an event your friends and family will be buzzing about all year (courtesy of Minerva Dairy)!

1. Give them something to talk about.
Remember when we said food brings people together? Well, throwing together a few handheld appetizers is the perfect way to make your guests comfortable, get them talking and ease them into the party before everyone has to sit down at the table.

Something like Mushroom Soup from Venae’s Kitchen served in shot-like glasses is small enough that everyone can mingle, mosey around the room and keep their appetites at bay before the entrèe.

2. Set the mood.
Don’t underestimate just how important it is to set the mood. As soon as guests walk into your home, they’re hoping to leave their cares outside for just a while. Help them to do so with a light and bright space and some carefree tunes. When choosing the perfect playlist, select tunes that are upbeat but not so energetic that they make everyone antsy.

Pro Tip: Take your playlist a step further and consider how you want the night to evolve. Think about gradually incorporating softer songs into the mix later into the night as guests begin to wind down and head home.

3. Go simple.
While hosting dinner for a group of people can seem daunting, it can actually be quite enjoyable! Don’t get wrapped up in the idea of the elusive “perfect dinner party.” Here’s a secret: It doesn’t exist! What makes a dinner party memorable is the company, conversation and laughter.

So, when choosing a menu, be sure to load it with recipes that you can prepare the night before or whip up quickly right before your party. This takes the pressure off of your mastery in the kitchen and lets you relax and chat the night away with your guests in between trips to the drink table to freshen up your cocktail!

Pro Tip: Dessert is one of the simplest parts of the meal to preprepare. Recipes like our Banana Split Pie are simple to make a day prior to your party and it’ll taste just as delicious when it gets plated!

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