Our Award-Winning Butter Is Your New Culinary Companion

We're #1 Butter

We were beyond excited to learn that our very own Maplewood Smoked Amish Roll Butter was recognized as best-in-class by none other than The American Cheese Society!

Curious about what made it a standout among its competition? These five recipes will have you in a foodie’s paradise. WARNING: Addictively bold flavor beyond this point.

Only one #butter can be named #1. @CheeseSociety awarded us as first in “Butter with Flavor AddedOnly one #butter can be named #1. @CheeseSociety awarded us as first in “Butter with Flavor Added http://ctt.ec/8BM41


Of a total of 285 dairy brands submitting more than 2,000 products to be considered for the win, it’s true: our Smoked Maplewood Amish Roll Butter ranked first in the American Cheese Society’s “Butter with Flavor Added” Category.

Elevate your home cooking in three incredibly easy ways with expertly crafted butter that adds depth to your favorite savory dishes. (pssst … don’t have Maplewood Smoked Amish Roll Butter at your grocery store yet? We’ve got a Grocer Request Form for that!)

Smokin’ Dish #1: Shaved Brussels Sprouts
Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty. Our Shaved Brussels Sprouts are the perfect twist on a nutritious dish.

Smokin’ Dish #2: Smokey Tex-Mex Burger
The secret to this burger recipe is (you guessed it) the Maplewood Smoked Butter. It’s our favorite on the grill or pan-fried any time of the year.

Smokin’ Dish #3: Shiitake Mushroom Leek Frittata
This meatless breakfast go-to is simple, yet scrumptious. It’s absolutely perfect for brunch or feeding your veggie-loving family … everyone will be asking for your recipe!

Where will our award-winning butter take your culinary adventures? We love hearing from fellow dairy lovers. Share your best Maplewood Smoked Butter-inspired recipes to us right here.

3 Secrets About Margarine No One’s Talking About

While there may be plenty of butter at your grocery store, with a new variety seeming to arrive every week, we’re here to tell you: the first label you need to check out is the butterfat.

But what do you do when the myth that is margarine is calling your name? We did some digging and uncovered three secrets about this ingredient no one’s talking about:

Margarine can increase your intake of free radicals

The vegetable oils used to make today’s margarines have a high concentration of polyunsaturated fats, which are unstable when exposed to light or stored for a long period of time. This can create free radicals. Over the long-term, free radicals have been found responsible for the effects of cell damage, aging, heart disease and cancer.

The trans fats in margarine contribute to high cholesterol

Trans fats, oftentimes referred to as the “bad” kind of fat, can decrease immune function while increasing the risk of heart disease. What’s more, trans fats tend to increase levels of LDL, or what’s more commonly known as “bad cholesterol.”

Margarine contains hydrogenated oils

Margarine is often made of hydrogenated oils and while high in omega-6 fatty acids, our diets today tend to be too heavily skewed towards these fatty acids. When not balanced by omega-3’s, omega-6’s can lead to inflammation, heart disease or cancer.

In the meanwhile, there are four BIG reasons to switch to real butter … and higher butterfat. Take a read here.