For the love of butter!

One of the things we love the most about working with the media is hearing about how they’re using our products in their own kitchens and talking about our love of butter, overall. We thought we’d share a few of our recent favorites with you. Enjoy!

Celebrate butter during dairy month: Minerva Dairy

6/28/2016“Celebrating butter is something that many chefs find joy in every day. Butter is a staple in their kitchens as well as many home cooks. The creamy texture from churning and the simple food product that it is makes many dishes taste incredible. This author, also known as the Jackson Cooking Examiner, has recently been introduced to a new butter called, “Amish Butter Roll” from the Minerva Dairy.”

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Butter innovations churning retail sales


Food Business News“Butter is back as a growing number of consumers turn their backs to foods perceived as artificial, such as vegetable oil-based margarine. Fresh from the farm, and churned the same way for generations, butter’s comeback may be attributed to its simplicity and its deliciousness.”

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Butter making traditions span six generations at Minerva Dairy


Farm and Dairy“By age 18, they say they won’t come back to work at the family business. But in every generation, that’s exactly what members of the Minerva Dairy family do. Phil Mueller, 4th generation, says he started at the bottom at age 12. He made his first vat of cheese at age 14. At 28, he was handed the reins when his father passed away. “Each generation is the caretaker to the next generation. So far it’s worked,” Phil said.”

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