What is Amish Roll Butter Anyway?

Amish Roll butter


Contrary to popular belief, the name of our Minerva Dairy Amish Roll Butter doesn’t derive from the people who do the churning. Curious? Here’s the scoop …

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The Minerva Dairy Family began making butter in 1894 using a small 100-gallon wooden churn, producing about 400 pounds of butter each batch. This method of small-batch, slow churn butter was sold in bulk pieces of miscellaneous sizes, but with World War II came the need to start rationing.

Why Hand Rolled?

To meet the nation’s rationing policy of two-pound butter allotments, we needed a more consistent method of measurement. By adopting the hand rolling technique used by a local Amish dairy farm, we were able to form rolls of butter with exacting measurements.

Get Real with Real Butter

And today, while our 84 percent butterfat butter doesn’t involve the Amish, we still make our butter using milk from pasture-raised cows raised on family farms. More than 70 years later, we’re proud to continue the tradition of small batch, slow churned, hand rolled butter.

Amish Butter is a category all its own just like Commodity Butter and European Butter. Today, you can look for it in the convenience of rolls and quarter sticks as well!

Fast Facts:

• Commodity Butter is made with 80% butterfat and is mass produced.

• European Butter is made with 82% butterfat and is mass produced in both Europe and the U.S.

• Amish Butter is made with 84% butterfat, is made using artisanal methods and is slow churned in small batches for superior texture and flavor.

Authenticity In All We Do

From our pasture-raised dairy to our slow churn process to our unique wax-paper packaging, you know you’re getting true Amish Roll Butter. The name Minerva Dairy is synonymous with authenticity, and if that doesn’t convince you to give it a try, here are four reasons to commit to higher butterfat.

Try one recipe using Minerva Dairy Amish Roll Butter and you’ll know there’s no better way to go! Shop it now.

4 reasons to commit to higher butterfat

While there may be plenty of butter at your grocery store, with a new variety seeming to arrive every week, we’re here to tell you: the first label you need to check out is the butterfat!


Your family recipes, culinary favorites and neighborhood potlucks deserve the best. Just like you, we value quality, which is why we won’t settle for anything less than 84% butterfat.

Why? There are 4 big reasons you should commit to butter with high butterfat content.

1. Flavor
Ideal for cooking and baking, there’s no denying it. Real butter enriches every dish it touches. Whether you’re spreading a slab of Amish Roll Butter across a slice of toast or including it in your recipe for the world’s best Chocolate Chip Cookies, taste matters! Doesn’t that “world’s best” recipe deserve it?

2. Texture 
By slow churning our butter in small batches, we can ensure that it gets delivered to you with a texture so creamy, you’ll be tempted to use it in every recipe. (Hey, we won’t blame you!) It’s smooth and thick because rather than rely on high-speed pumps that shear the fat and trap air, we use a careful, time-tested process. Our butter artisans do everything they can to create the Minerva Dairy 84% butterfat Amish Roll Butter you know and love.

3. Color 
When the cows eat fresh, pasture grass, their milk contains more beta-carotene, a powerful anti-oxidant. Beta-carotene is the same pigment that gives carrots and pumpkins their beautiful orange hues. Hence, the bright yellow color of our 84% butterfat Amish Roll Butter.

4. Health 
Choosing between 84% butterfat and commodity butter, flavor and texture may be most apparent, but the bonus health benefits shouldn’t take a backseat!

Butter is better from Minerva Dairy

By relying on dairy from pasture raised cows not treated with rBST or hormones, our butter is a great way to boost your diet with healthy fats and oils. In some cases, grass-fed cows can still live their lives in confined spaces. We prefer to pasture raise ours, ensuring Minerva Dairy cows are humanely treated and fed a GMO free grain ration in addition to forages that completely nourish them.

This means even healthier dairy! Essential fatty acids can increase your longevity, help to balance hormones, increase heart health, sharpen vision and promote healthy skin. Look at those bonuses! Let’s get cooking!