Minerva Dairy Recipes of the Month

Fall in Love with Comfort Foods ... Again!

Fall is the perfect time for comfort foods. We like to say it's a "little taste of home" ... that warm, sentimental feeling you get with a hearty home-cooked meal. Try one of these comforting recipe classics tonight.

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Culinary Butter

We've infused our Amish Roll butter with culinary flavors that will make your recipes come alive.

Straight from Venae's Kitchen, all of our specialty 84% butterfat butters blend well with any meat, seafood or vegetarian recipe that calls for butter. Or use our 84% butterfat butter in place of cooking oil to give your recipe a richer, creamier flavor. Shop our featured products »

Minerva Dairy Minerva Gouda Cheese
Minerva Dairy Minerva Cheddar Cheese

Founded in 1894, Minerva Dairy is America's oldest family-owned butter dairy. Today, our 5th and 6th Generations of family ownership still use milk from pasture-raised cows to slow churn into 84% butterfat butter. This small batch method produces the highest butterfat making a creamier and better tasting butter. And with a higher butterfat butter makes your recipes taste better. Get real with real butter.