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Grandma Lorraine always used to say, “There’s not much in life that can’t be made better with butter,” and ain’t that the truth. What’s not to love about butter’s rich, creamy and delicious flavor? Plus, it’s so versatile, it will enhance the taste of anything, from a simple piece of bread to the fanciest gourmet steak. In my house, it’s always on the table – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, anytime!

My family’s relationship with butter is a unique one. We come from a long line of country foodies who love their dairy products. In fact, we’re known within our community as the butter fanatics in town, and we take it as a compliment. Because, let’s be honest, butter fanatics are the best kind of people.

But how do you know if you are really into butter? (Or butter obsessed, as we would like to call it.) Read through our list of things only tried-and-true butter fanatics would understand, and then decide if you’re one of us butter geeks.

  1. You’re always prepared. Your fridge is always stocked with butter. No matter the meal, butter is the one topping that tastes good on everything. It doesn’t even surprise your friends when they catch you eating butter straight out of the fridge.(I am guilty!)
  2. You spoil your dinner – on purpose. Let’s be real. The only reason you go out to restaurants is for the (bread and) butter. Then you “accidentally” leave no room for the main course. “How rude of them” to taunt you with beautifully textured, perfectly soft butter that you can’t resist.
  3. Butter always comes first. Cooking a meal? The first thing to go in the pan, the pot or the baking dish is always
  4. You have a list of butter idols. Julia Child, Anthony Bourdain, Alex Guaranschelli (executive chef at the Butter Restaurantour dream job!) and the queen of butter herself, Paula Deen are your culinary heroes. You’ve bookmarked every recipe and relate to their butter obsessions on a deep level.
  5. You own at least one butter candle. Is there anything better than the smell and sound of butter melting in a pan? Nope. That’s why you have a secret collection of butter candles. Butter fanatics can bottle up their favorite scent and save it for a rainy day – they can buy them or create their own!
  6. You daydream about butter sculptures. You’re mesmerized by the fascinating art that is butter sculpting (and too bad sampling the artwork is frowned upon). At the same time, you’re torn thinking of all the other ways you could’ve used that butter.
  7. You worry about non-butter lovers. It doesn’t make sense to you when someone says they do not like butter. How is this even humanly possible?
  8. You have a to-die-for collection of butter dishes. Yep, one for every occasion. Who needs a shoebox full of keychains when you have so many fun ways to show off your favorite cooking staple?
  9. You get excited about the little things. You do a little happy dance when your favorite brand of butter is on sale (Minerva!) or when they announce a new butter flavor (have you tried our Garlic & Herb Butter?). #Winning
  10. You like bread with your butter. At the end of the day, what’s better than some good ol’ buttery toast? Using butter that’s sea salt flavored, or unsalted, or garlic herbed, or pumpkin spiced….It doesn’t matter the flavor, buttery toast always wins.

If you’re drooling by now, it’s time to accept your fate as a butter fanatic. Welcome to the family! Know any other butter fanatics? Or suspect anyone? Share this checklist with them and compare notes.

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