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In the Minerva family, we know that butter is better. So, as the resident butter making experts, allow our family of butter fanatics to debunk a few common myths surrounding butter’s benefits. As a butter fanatic myself, it is my absolute pleasure to show you why butterfat is good for you and also why butter is back in a big way!

The cream of the crop

Recent studies have shown that consumers are shifting to fats that are more natural. For many, the main goal is to eat whole, minimally processed food that is as close to its natural form as possible. That’s why more and more consumers are seeking specialty, slow-churned butters with higher fat content – like Minerva’s!

Is fat bad?

The truth is that not all fats are bad. Research has proven there are lower health risks from consuming dairy fat than from consuming alternative trans fats (like the partially hydrogenated oils found in baked goods and processed snacks). Studies reported in the September 2015 Harvard Heart Letter showed no link between heart disease risk and dairy products, regardless of fat levels.

The superior choice

Premium butter is a tastier, natural alternative to highly processed oils, and Minerva Dairy is a strong believer in producing butter and of the highest quality. That means we use no artificial ingredients, added antibiotics or untested chemicals in the making of our dairy – which is the way it should be!


Full fat means less hunger. Fats from butter are energy dense, keeping you satisfied and fuller longer. Fat also provides calories without any accompanying blood sugar roller coaster ride, like the one you can get from carbohydrates. A diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates lowers your blood sugar level and your amount of bad triglycerides, while raising your HDL (that good cholesterol). Not to mention that butterfats carry the flavor of actual food and also can enhance all those other yummy natural flavors on your plate.

Just like the generations before me, I’ve learned to appreciate everything that butter has to offer, especially beyond its great taste. So, now that we’ve cleared up some of the most common butter misconceptions and validated that, yes, butter actually is good for you, let’s eat!

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