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It’s true, we lead a “butter” life than most. For 125 years we have been completely obsessed with butter. It’s in our family’s DNA! Our father Phil taught us everything we know about the family business, which made us into the butter-making fanatics we are today. Therefore, we feel it is not only our passion, but our duty, to educate you, dear readers, on all things butter.

For instance, would you be surprised to know that butter is much more than just a tasty culinary masterpiece? Yes, that’s right, your favorite creamy treat has the power to save you time and money outside the kitchen. Believe us, we understand how hard it is to get everything done each and every day. With two active families totaling 12 children strong, we are always looking for tips and tricks to help make our fast-paced lives easier.

And as the world’s most-dedicated BMEs (Butter Making Experts), we believe that every butter-crazed cook should know all the ways to take their butter usage to the next level. And to help you get started, here are our top 10 buttery life hacks that might just blow your mind.

  1. Healing powers – Butter has the power to heal bruises! Yes, really! Next time you have a stubborn bruise, rub some butter on it and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. The scientific secret is this: the phosphates in butter keep your skin vessels from breaking down which, in turn, prevents bruising and any significant swelling.
  2. Squeaks-be-gone – Is that squeaky ceiling fan of yours driving you nuts? Instead of selling your house, simply grab some butter from the fridge, rub it on the squeaky hinges, and voila!
  3. How cheesy – Have you ever had a block of cheese go moldy because you couldn’t eat it fast enough? Instead of tossing it, cut off the hard rind and spread some butter over what remains. This will prevent the cheese from getting moldy. (Same goes for onions!) It’s a literal life saver, if you’re a passionate dairy fanatic like us!
  4. Behold, butter buffing – Butter can make tarnished things in your household shine bright again. How about that scuffed leather shoe of yours? Or your nice wood floor, with that unfortunate stain? Grab a paper towel, rub some butter onto it, and then rub the affected area with the towel. Let the scuffed item sit for a while and then wipe clean – it’ll look like new!
  5. Boiling point – Instead of panicking when that pot on the stove starts to boil over, calmly drop in a tablespoon of butter and all that roiling nonsense will come to an instant halt. No more steaming stovetop messes or kitchen hazards.
  6. No more bitter pills to swallow – Ever have trouble swallowing a large pill? Lightly coat that big ol’ tablet with butter and then wash it down with a glass of water. The butter will smooth the pill’s ride down the hatch, making it a lot easier to ingest. And let’s not forget butter’s delicious aftertaste!
  7. Sticky situations – Next time your kids “accidentally” get gum in their hair, don’t stress. Rub butter over the tangled locks, let the hair absorb the oil, and then gently wipe the butter away with a cloth. Presto! Butter is also perfect for liberating hands from glue or sticky syrups. Just rub a little butter on the stickiness, wash hands and dry them with a towel.
  8. Body butter – If those dry winter months have your skin and nails looking and feeling rough, go the body butter route (literally). When dry, cracked skin is craving moisture, butter is a great substitute for lotions. It’s also the perfect fix for dry and brittle nails. Just rub some on your nail beds, put on some cotton gloves and let the butter soak in. After a few hours, your nails will feel brand new. And guess what! You can even use butter as shaving cream.
  9. Jewelry fixes – There are few things in life more frustrating than trying to untangle a necklace or bracelet. But you can rub some butter on the entwined sections and use something pointy to help slide any knots out. If you are trying to remove a ring from a swollen finger, apply some butter to the finger and carefully slide the stubborn thing off.
  10. Snow way! – Here’s a stunner: If you rub butter on the blade of your snow shovel, it will help prevent snow from sticking to the shovel, making your work easier when trying to shake away the excess white stuff. Snow day chores just got a lot easier.

These ingenious life hacks are just a few of the reasons we think butter is the best gift in the world. With only 24 hours in a day, these ideas will give you back the precious time you deserve to spend more time with those that matter most. Share these hacks with your friends and family and let us know which ones become your everyday go-tos.

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