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How to Use 3 Different Butter Flavors When You Cook

Hey butter nerds!  Have you ever tried taking your most-loved dairy dishes to the next level with flavored butter?  Cooking with flavored butter, which is also called compound butter, is a quick way to zip up your favorite foods and take them from “just fine” to five stars with almost no effort.  There’s a reason they say, “just add butter.”

Whether you’re looking for a savory or sweet taste to perk up your meal – we’ve got you covered.  You can get our time-tested better butter infused with some of our favorite flavors from a store near you.  Like all of our better butters, our flavored butters are churned up carefully in small batches and still the richest and creamiest around.  All of these butters are also vegetarian and gluten-free so that you can share the joy of flavored butter with all the butter fanatics in your life.  Keep reading to learn about using our flavored butters, and check out some recipe inspiration to spice up your butter life.

Garlic Herb Butter

Garlic lovers, rejoice!  You can easily add a fresh helping of your favorite flavor to all your savory foods with our Garlic Herb Butter, our top-selling butter flavors.  This garlic and parsley-infused butter is an extremely versatile add-on to your baked potatoes, veggies, seafood, meats, and more.  As an added perk – making garlic bread has never been easier – just swipe this butter to a slice of toast.

  • Citrus and Herb Sheet Pan Shrimp Meal

Have a healthy dinner ready in 30 minutes or less with this creamy, zesty seafood meal.  If shrimp isn’t your favorite, you can still enjoy the garlicky goodness of this recipe – just swap them out for your favorite protein.  Get the recipe here, courtesy of Hello Spoonful.

Sea Salt Butter

If you live in a world where salt makes everything better, prepare to have your world rocked by Sea Salt Butter, one of our favorite butter flavors.  Our Sea Salt Butter is all-purpose, meaning it can be used for virtually anything from spreading on bread, topping veggies and pasta, or using in recipes where you don’t need control over the salt content.  Plus, since it’s sea salt, it can even add a little extra unique taste to many recipes!

  • Grilled Cheese Bacon and Creamy Avocado Sandwich

Meet the holy grail of grilled cheeses!  From the sun-dried tomato’s sweetness to the bacon’s savory taste and avocado’s citrusy, creamy flavor, this grilled cheese is a burst of delicious flavors.  If you’re already drooling, don’t worry, you can find the recipe here, thanks to Sandra’s Easy Cooking.

Unsalted Butter

If you want complete control over the flavor of your recipe, unsalted butter is your best friend!  Why?  Because unsalted butter allows the real, natural flavors of your food to come through.  Without any added salt, the butter’s sweet cream taste can really be appreciated, which is extremely important in specific baked goods where the butter’s flavor is a significant component.

  • Butter Cake

With simple ingredients, you can create a cream, soft, sweet, and buttery cake!  This is a recipe enjoyed by virtually everyone, from novice bakers to well-trained pastry chefs, because it yields perfect results every time.  Give the recipe a try, thanks to Rasa Malaysia!

In a family of 6 generations of butter lovers, it’s safe to say there was a lot of cooking…and a lot of butter. We encourage you to get in the kitchen, cooking with and for your loved ones. Always remember, if all else fails, just add butter!

We hope you enjoyed our blog sharing how to cook with various butter flavors. For some delicious recipes featuring Minerva Dairy’s better butter, head to our Recipes page. Be sure to keep up with our latest creations through our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram page and our top tips through our blogs.

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