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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Butter


My family’s relationship with butter is a unique one. With a long line of foodies who love their dairy products, you could say our love of butter is genetic and runs in the family. As my Grandma Lorraine always said, “There’s not much in life that can’t be made better with butter,” and, well, isn’t that the truth! 

And while our love for butter might be more extreme than most families, we know that the world has a universal love for butter’s rich, creamy and delicious flavor. Seriously, what’s not to love about butter? It’s delicious, versatile, and can enhance any meal from a gourmet steak to a piece of bread. 

So, as self-proclaimed butter-obsessed people, we’ve put together a list of ways you can tell if you’re also obsessed with butter. Welcome to our world, butter geeks!

Being legitimately upset when a restaurant only has butter substitutes

Seriously? Who wants to dip their bread in oil? Butter is infinitely better! 

Butter always comes first. 

A butter-obsessed person uses butter first regardless of what they are cooking. From the pan, pot to the baking dish, butter is always first. 

You drench your popcorn in real butter, not oil. 

When it’s movie night at home, you’re patiently waiting and watching your butter melt perfectly to drizzle it all over your popcorn. 

You’re always prepared. 

Even if your fridge is completely barren, you still have a stick of butter because, you know, no matter the meal, butter is the one topping that tastes good on everything

You worry about non-butter lovers

Ever lay awake at night wondering how non-butter lovers live? We sympathize with you. 

Contemplating Taking a Road Trip Somewhere to Get Fried Butter 

Hey, delicious fried butter doesn’t come along often, so you should capitalize on the opportunity when it does. 

You have a list of butter idols.

From Julia Child to Anthony Bourdain, your culinary heroes are all butter heroes. 

You spoil your dinner – on purpose.

Ever chow down on so much bread and butter at a restaurant that you weren’t even hungry for the meal you ordered? Perhaps this happy “accident” is your subconscious telling you something. 

You daydream about butter sculptures. 

Ever find yourself thinking of butter in places outside of the kitchen? Butter has a way of infiltrating your everyday life. 

You have a to-die-for collection of butter dishes. 

Foolproof logic: You can never have too many butter dishes because you can never have too much butter. 

And lastly, if you’re drooling and frantically buttering a piece of bread right now, you most definitely are butter obsessed! 

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