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Your Complete Guide to Better Butter

We at Minerva Dairy have been living and breathing butter for over six generations and have learned quite a lot  about making the richest, creamiest butter around in the past 125 years (and counting!).  So, what makes our butter better?  Here’s a quick rundown about everything you need to know about what makes our butter ridiculously good.

What is roll butter (besides delicious)?

Our better butter is considered better butter because of its butterfat content.  Butter usually fits into one of three different categories:

  • Commodity butter has about 80% butterfat
  • European butter has beetween 82-83% butterfat
  • Minerva Dairy butter has the highest fat content with 85% butterfat

Our better butter’s 85% butterfat content means it has a richer taste, creamier texture and melts more easily than it’s lower fat counterparts – and lands us firmly in the Premium butter category.

The fact that we sell our butter in rolls instead of blocks is also a nod to our previous generations and their ingenuity to create a new technique.  When we first started making better butter in 1894, we simply cut off our butter into randomly sized slabs to sell each customer what they needed.  This all changed during World War II, however, when the United States government started rationing butter.  Minerva Dairy invented hand-rolling butter to produce packages of perfectly proportioned 2-pound butter rolls to meet the government’s requirements.  We still roll out our butter the same way today, but you now can choose from a 1-pound option to save room in your fridge.

How is slow-churned, small batch butter different?

Our butter is our pride and joy, and we slow-churn our butter in small batches to allow us to carefully craft each batch into the best butter possible.  When butter is churned in larger batches with speed pumps, air can get trapped in the butter and compromise the taste and texture of the final product.  We take the time to carefully slow churn our butter to make sure our butter is the thickest, creamiest, and richest butter around.

What type of milk is used to make Minerva Dairy Butter?

The first step we take in making sure that our milk is the cream of the crop is partnering with small family farms that make sure our dairy cows have nothing but the best.  Minerva Dairy cows are pasture-raised, meaning that they can wander through grassy fields and graze throughout the day, but also have the option to curl up safe and dry in a clean barn at night and munch on some grains to make sure they are getting enough nutrition.  Our farm partners work with nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure these cows are living their healthiest and happiest lives.

Pasture-raised cows produce milk that is higher in yummy nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids than factory-raised cows.  You can see the difference our milk makes in the butter.  The deep yellow color of Minerva butter comes from the high content of beta-carotene, the same healthy and rich nutrient that makes carrots and pumpkins orange.

What is the best way to eat my Minerva Butter?

We recommend you eat our better butter at room temperature to bring out the complex flavors and make it easier to spread.  We also recommend you keep a bit of butter out in your kitchen at a ready-to-eat temperature in a butter dish.

Wrap up the rest of the roll in the original packaging and stick it back in the fridge to keep it fresh.  When the butter in the fridge reaches its best-by date, put the butter and packaging in a resealable plastic bag and pop it in the freezer to keep your better butter tasting it’s best for up to 24 months.

What should I make with my Minerva better butter?

We firmly believe that there’s not much in life that can’t be made better with butter.  If you’re looking for some dairy delicious inspiration, check our our recipe page where we share our time-tested family recipes alongside some fun dish ideas from our favorite butter geek food bloggers and chefs.

Where can I buy my favorite Minerva butters?

Simply type your zip code into our Find Us page and we’ll provide you with a list of all the stores and addresses in your area where you can pick up a roll or two of better butter.  You can also stay home and order Minerva products online.  We 2-day air ship the butter straight from our Creamery to your doorstep.

In a family of 6 generations of butter lovers, it’s safe to say there was a lot of cooking…and a lot of butter. We encourage you to get in the kitchen, cooking with and for your loved ones. Always remember, if all else fails, just add butter!

We hope you enjoyed our Better Butter blog. For some delicious recipes featuring Minerva Dairy’s better butter, head to our Recipes page. Be sure to keep up with our latest creations through our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram page and our top tips through our blogs.

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