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National Introvert Day is January 2nd.

It’s time to celebrate by staying at home!!

We (myself included) are the ones who prepare, bake, wrap, and organize all of the holiday events.  We have completed our trifecta of celebrations. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season had us cooking and baking all the things that were expected.  Now, it’s time to celebrate by not celebrating for others, but for ourselves. Silence the phone and talk to everyone on the 3rd.  Today is a day for you!

My Introvert Day celebration will be staying inside and ignoring all the laundry, cleaning, and decorations that need to come down. I am totally going to ignore the fact that I am a grown adult with responsibilities.  Kids…do I have those? They can go on auto-pilot for the day. Leftovers can be re-heated or better yet use that cell phone or tablet and order yourself some pizza or Grub Hub. We are going to do this holiday up right!

Find your happy place in the home – mine is the kitchen. I will be heading to cook and bake what I want today – at my own pace. Baking the Snicker Toffee Butter Bars that I did not have time to make but really wanted to try is first on the list. I can make that at an enjoyable pace while sipping my coffee and listening to my music. I can sit down and have cookies for breakfast while reading a good book and snuggled up with my favorite blanket.

National Introvert Day

Later, I will head back to the kitchen and make the Ham and White Cheddar Savory Bread Pudding (one of my favorite’s), but when it was my turn to eat (after all the relatives) none was left. The dish will be ready when it is ready and it will be eaten when I feel like eating it. Maybe I will eat it curled up on the couch watching my favorite TV show, or in the sunroom while petting the dog.

Whatever you do on National Introvert Day, be sure it is something that feeds your soul. I am an extrovert by nature, by when my inner introvert is given attention I breathe calmness while grounding my thoughts for inward reflection.

Happy Introvert Day!


PS…Wish me luck! School is not in session for this day, but I am giving it my best shot. (All the kids are home and the dog!)


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