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Prost! A Toast to Our Favorite Oktoberfest Recipes You Can Make At Home


Oktoberfest is every butter geek’s ultimate dream: buttery, creamy drinks, warm butter-filled foods everywhere, and best of all: other butter geeks to meet! The only downside to Oktoberfest? It only happens once a year!


The folk festival – which originated in 1800s Germany as a marriage celebration for the Crown Prince of Bavaria – features many delicious, unique flavors that you can recreate at home, so even if you’re not planning or able to attend Oktoberfest this year, you can still bring the history-rich party to your house! Many of these recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, which we know a thing or two about.


To help you out, we’re sharing every buttery recipe you need to celebrate Oktoberfest from the comfort of your own kitchen. Prost! 


Spiced Hot Buttered Rum

What’s a party without a little spice? Of the many unique flavors you’ll find at Oktoberfest, the taste of spiced hot buttered rum is one you won’t soon forget. Made with brown sugar, nutmeg and cloves, this buttery drink might be our favorite part of Oktoberfest. If you’ve got kiddos at home looking to celebrate, we’ve found that swapping the rum for tea still brings all of the flavors you’re looking for!


Homemade German Pretzels

Arguably the most well-known staple of Oktoberfest, soft pretzels are a perfect appetizer for your celebration. In some German restaurants, baskets of pretzels are served as you sit down to your table. The one thing every good pretzel has in common? A warm coat of butter sprinkled with salt (which you can make even tastier with Minerva’s better butter). And if you’re feeling really creative, may we suggest adding our Garlic & Herb butter into the mix? It’s not a requirement for the recipe, but we’re always about getting in as much butter as possible! Get the recipe by clicking the title and thank us later!


Pretzel Nuggets and Homemade Beer Cheese

While pretzel nuggets aren’t technically a tradition at Oktoberfest, they do align with an Oktoberfest-themed celebration. Either way, it’s a yes from us! Pretzel nuggets make it even easier to dip your pretzel into some homemade beer cheese (which actually is a traditional food at Oktoberfest). Of course, no pretzel nugget would be complete without a nice (optional) coating of butter on top. Plus, these nuggets make it easy to have the kids lend a helping hand in the kitchen rolling these up. Family fun for everyone!


German Cheese Kasepaetzle (Cheese Noodles)

Käsespätzle is a traditional Swabian comfort food dish — made with pasta and layers of shredded Emmentaler cheese and topped with caramelized onions, this dish is like macaroni and cheese… times 10! Caramelize your onions in Minerva’s Unsalted butter to take your Oktoberfest dinner to the next level!


Obatzda (Bavarian cheese dip)

A Bavarian cheese delicacy, Obatzda is sure to be every butter geek’s favorite Oktoberfest food. Why? It’s made with two thirds soft cheese and one third butter — that’s a lot of butter! Go ahead and take your Minerva Unsalted butter out of the fridge now, so it’ll be room temperature and ready to go when you make this delicious cheese dip! Good luck restricting yourself when you eat this… we know that we can’t!


We hope you enjoyed our recipe round up for Oktoberfest recipes you can make at home. For more delicious recipes featuring Minerva Dairy’s better butter, head to our Recipes page. Be sure to keep up with our latest creations through our Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram page and our top tips through our blogs.

Oktoberfest Recipes You Can Make At Home

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