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Our Favorite Make Ahead Recipes For Going Back to School

Is it just us or does it feel like summer just began? It might seem that way for many of you, but school is just around the corner! Soon, kids will be back in school, and homework will be the topic of weeknight dinner conversations. We know that with the start of the school year comes a heap of activities and commitments for parents. You’ll soon be buzzing around town running kids to and from practices, recitals, and more. 

While we can’t help you with carpool duties, we can help you in the kitchen… we can help by giving you some recipe suggestions you cannot only plan ahead, but also make ahead! Oh! And of course, all these recipes call for our favorite ingredient: BUTTER. 

So, let’s talk about these recipes, so we can start making your back-to-school life seamless!

Caramelized Onion Puff Pastry with Bacon and Gorgonzola

If your mouth didn’t immediately water when you read the recipe title, you must have a lot of self control! No, seriously, talk about a combination of the best ingredients. Everyone in your family (as well as friends and neighbors) will love this flakey, buttery, crumbly puff pastry, that houses the world’s tastiest ingredients. So when you start receiving rave reviews for your kitchen handiwork, remember to thank Britney Bakes Bread for your new favorite weeknight meal. Get the full delicious recipe here

Mustard Chicken Recipe

A simple and easy recipe that looks like you worked for hours, our Mustard Chicken recipe is a no-fail, always tasty dish. The perfect combination of rich flavors with a hint of tangy mustard, our Mustard Chicken is a meal equally as pretty to look at as it is too delicious! But, we can’t take credit for this gem of a recipe. Our friend The Speckled Palate is the mastermind behind the curtains. Get her full delicious recipe here.

Springtime Lemon Pasta

A recipe that can be saved for special occasions or prepped on a busy school night, this Springtime Lemon Pasta brings together the fragrant aroma of fresh dill, garlic, and citrus for a meal that tastes like it came out of a professional chef’s kitchen. Every time we make this at home, we send a big thank you to Strawberry Blondie Kitchen for her kitchen creativity! Get the full delicious recipe here.

Springtime Lemon Pasta

Snicker Toffee Butter Bars

Looking for a recipe that will have everyone talking about what an incredible baker you are? Look no further! A recipe that makes a snickers bar pale, our Snicker Toffee Butter Bars combine unsalted butter, sweetened, condensed milk, and light brown sugar, for a legendary treat! Get the full delicious recipe from Brown Sugar Mama here.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Bread

Yes, that is in fact: you just read “chocolate chip”, “bread”, and “healthy” strung together in a single sequence! You can thank our friend at Family Food on the Table for her healthy take on a favorite of ours to bake. Get the full delicious recipe here.

healthy chocolate chip bread

No Bake Cheesecake Truffles

This recipe turns our favorite desserts into a delicious no bake and delicious treat. Seriously easy to make, no baking involved, and no confectionery mastery needed. You’re welcome! Get the full delicious recipe here.

A Christmas favorite, homemade peanut butter chocolate balls

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

A universal food item that you can serve and enjoy in various ways, these Buffalo Chicken Meatballs are delicious, straightforward and timeless. They say the first bite is as good as the last, and we say, then let’s keep biting! Get the full delicious recipe here.

Chicken Buffalo Meatballs

Healthy Citrus and Herb Shrimp Sheet Pan Meal

We’re huge fans of sheet meals over here! Why?  Because they’re one and done. So when we found this recipe with Hello Spoonful, we couldn’t get enough. Truly the ideal weeknight meal, this sheet pan meal is ready in under 30 minutes, perfect for meal prep, and loaded with protein, veggies and flavor. Get the full delicious recipe here.

We hope you enjoyed our blog to help with the back to school meal prep. For some delicious recipes featuring Minerva Dairy’s better butter, head to our Recipes page. Be sure to keep up with our latest creations through our Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram page and our top tips through our blogs.

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